Noho's in Portland



Our Portland location in the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood features an assortment of tropical cocktails, a “board” room for events and meetings, and a hidden back patio with a fire pit that we open when the weather gets nice.



4627 NE Fremont St
Portland, OR 97213

Mon:    11:00am - 9:00pm
Tue:     11:00am - 9:00pm
Wed:   11:00am - 9:00pm
Thur:   11:00am - 9:00pm
Fri:       11:00am - 10:00pm
Sat:      12:00pm - 10:00pm
Sun:     12:00pm - 9:00pm



Reserve the Board Room or back patio for your next meeting or party.  The Board Room can be set for up to 50 people, and the patio accommodates 80.  We're happy to work with you on a special menu for your event.  Call or talk to us the next time you're in the restaurant about rates.



start with pupus

Our appetizers, known as pupus in Hawaii, range from poke, to kalua pork spring rolls, coconut shrimp, sashimi, and sliders and spring rolls filled with our popular shoyu ginger chicken.

return to paradise

Our delicious tropical cocktails will take you back to Hawaii's warm evenings, soft tradewinds, and gentle surf. We have a selection of beers and wines for every taste, with several Kona Brewing choices on tap.

Mai TAI    

Mixed rums, orange, pineapple, orgeat, grenadine, with a dark rum float.

pear paradise  

Absolut vodka, lemon, sugar, and orange bitters.

Pearl calypso    

Pearl coconut vodka, orange, and cranberry juices.


Mixed rums, orange, pineapple, and passion fruit.

Kauai Kooler   

Mixed rums, grapefruit, passion fruit, and lime juices.

Dark and stormy     

Spiced rum, lime, ginger beer, and dark rum float.


Tequila, midori, lime, sugar, li-hing powdered rum.

Vanilla vacation  

Vanilla vodka, pineapple, and lime juices.

Tropical mimosa     

Chambord, pineapple, topped with sparkling wine.   

stumbling islander    

Four rums, orange, pineapple, cranberry, and lime.

huckleberry lemon drop    

Huckleberry vodka, lemon, and sugar. Served up.

Hawaiian coffee   

Dark rum, chocolate liquor, coffee, topped with whipped cream.

jameson yum yum   

Irish whiskey, muddled lemon, and bitters.

pink lei    

Vanilla vodka, coconut creme, lime, and grenadine. Served up.


kalua pork spring rolls     $7.95

Filled with our delicious island-style slow cooked pork.

Korean Ribs     $15.45

Our honey garlic ribs without the rice and mac.

calamari     $9.95

Fried on the outside, soft and succulant on the inside.

veggie spring rolls     $5.95

An option for those who want to skip the meat.

mixed pupu plate  $16.35

Includes your choice of two from the first seven items.

10 pc. sauteed shrimp    $9.95

Sauteed in oyster sauce with a hint of sesame seed oil.

ono chicken spring rolls 6.95

Our popular chicken prepared in a shoyu ginger sauce fills these rolls.

ono chicken sliders     $6.95

Filled with our shoyu ginger chicken.

hawaiian-style poke     $16.95

Salt, onions, and a hint of oyster sauce enhance the flavor of raw ahi tuna.

mochiko chicken $9.10

Strips of chicken with that yummy mochiko flavor from back home.

kalua pork sliders     $7.95

Luau goes modern:  Hawaiian style shredded pork fills these sliders.

shoyu poke     $16.95

Ahi tuna prepared with shoyu, ginger and onions.

katsu chicken     $8.95

Chicken prepared in the Japanese katsu tradition.

Portuguese sausage $7.15

This slightly spicy sausage is a perfect companion to your favorite beverage.

sashimi plate     $16.95

Sliced ahi tuna served with a shoyu dipping sauce. 

kimo's sweet ribs   $14.95

A generous portion of our Portuguese-style chargrilled ribs without the rice and mac.

Coconut Shrimp   $9.95

Shrimp coated in coconut served with a tangy dipping sauce.

Spicy Hawaiian or Shoyu Poke    $17.95

Your favorite poke with a bit of heat.


about our plate lunches and dinners

We serve authentic Hawaiian-style plate lunches and dinners, which means that all of our entrees come with sticky white rice and macaroni salad. (You can substitute a tossed green salad with ranch, tropical or sesame ginger dressing for the mac salad at no charge.)

Plate lunches and dinners come in three sizes. Regular is for the average appetite and has two scoops of rice and one scoop of macaroni salad in addition to the entree. Menehune is perfect for those with a smaller appetite and includes one scoop of rice, one scoop of macaroni salad, and a smaller portion of the main item. Blalah is an extra large portion with three scoops of rice, two scoops of macaroni salad and of course, more of the main item.

We also can serve family style meals on request.


Menehune:  one hamburger patty and egg over a scoop of rice and a scoop of macaroni salad smothered in gravy   $11.45

Regular:  two hamburger patties topped with a sunnyside-up fried egg, two scoops of rice and macaroni salad then smothered in gravy  $14.45

Blalah:  three hamburger patties and two eggs smothered with gravy over three scoops of rice and two scoops of macaroni salad  $17.45

teriyaki steak     

Thinly sliced ribeye steak marinated in our homemade teriyaki sauce and char-grilled to perfection.

Menehune  $12.55    Regular  $15.85    Blalah $19.25

broke da mouth hamburger steak

Two quarter pound hamburger patties smothered in onions and brown gravy served over rice.  $14.95

Blalah: with three hamburger patties  $17.95

Kimo's sweet ribs     

Korean-cut short ribs marinated in Kimo's sweet Portuguese-style sauce and char-grilled.  Onolicious!

Menehune  $15.45    Regular  $18.45    Blalah  $21.45


Try either Kimo Ribs or Korean Ribs with an added spice to heat things up. 

Menehune  $15.45    Regular  $18.45    Blalah  $21.45


Korean-cut short ribs marinated in honey, garlic, and sesame seed sauch.  A garlic lovers dream!

Menehune  $15.95    Regular  $18.95    Blalah  $21.95

teriyaki pork

Thinly sliced pork marinated in our teriyaki sauce with a hint of lemon and grilled to perfection.

Menehune  $11.55    Regular  $14.55    Blalah  $17.95

kalua pork     

Succulent island-style slow roasted pork. A traditional favorite.

Menehune  $11.55    Regular  $14.55    Blalah  $17.95

pan fried teriyaki chicken     

Noho's marinated teriyaki chicken diced into bite-sized pieces and pan fried with white onions and extra Hawaiian sauce.

Menehune  $10.95    Regular  $13.95    Blalah  $17.95

spicy korean chicken

Da same kine chicken as our Korean chicken, except dis one HOT!

Menehune  $10.25    Regular  $13.55    Blalah  $16.95

sweet hot pan fried teriyaki chicken  

This one is spicy!  Cooked with another Noho's special sauce that is sweet and hot.

Menehune  $10.95    Regular  $13.95   Blalah  $17.95

spicy korean chicken pan fired

The great garlic flavor of our Korean pan-fried chicken with a kick.  For people who love some flair.

Menehune  $10.55    Regular  $13.95    Blalah  $16.95

korean chicken     

Marinated in honey, garlic and sesame seed sauce, then char-grilled.  A must for any garlic lover!

Menehune  $10.55   Regular  $14.25    Blalah  $17.95

PHIL's ono chicken     

Tender pieces of chicken marinated in our homemade shoyu ginger sauce.  An all-time favorite.

Menehune  $8.95    Regular  $11.95    Blalah  $16.95

phil's ono chicken spicy hot     

Eh, you want that "ono" hot?  We got 'em!  Prepared like Phil's above but cooked in a special hot and spicy sauce. 

Menehune  $9.25    Regular  $12.95    Blalah  $17.95

Korean pan fried chicken

The same Korean marinated chicken but pan fried with white onions and extra sauce.

Menehune  $10.55    Regular  $13.95    Blalah  $17.95

NOho's teriyaki chicken     

Chicken marinated in our delicious homemade teriyaki sauce and char-grilled for an excellent flavor.

Menehune  $8.95    Regular  $11.95    Blalah  $16.95

hot & spicy teriyaki chicken    

Pan fried chicken that is tangy, spicy, and hot!  Simply marvelous!

Menehune  $10.55  Regular  $13.95    Blalah  $17.95

noho's teriyaki chicken special $8.95

We use da same chicken as Noho's Teriyaki Chicken, char-grilled, and all with some spicy hot sauce.

Menehune  $9.95   Regular  $12.95    Blalah  $17.95


pork mixed plate    

Kalua pork and teriyaki pork.

Menehune  $12.95  Regular  $16.95    Blalah  $19.95

mixed plate     

Teriyaki Steak and Kimo's Sweet Ribs -- two of our favorites together on one plate!

Menehune  $15.95    Regular  $18.95    Blalah  $21.95



korean mixed plate     

Korean Chicken and Ribs.  The ultimate garlic experience.

Menehune  $16.95    Regular  $19.95    Blalah  $22.95

mahi mahi stir fry            market price

Bite-sized pieces of soft white meat fish, stir fried with an assortment of vegetables in your choice of sweet/hot, garlic, black bean, or sesame seed/oyster sauce. Also available sauteed in butter with fresh ginger and garlic.

shrimp stir fry   $17.95

Fresh broccoli. cauliflower, carrots, snow peas, and onions with butterflied shrimp, sauteed in Roy's special sauce.

fresh teriyaki ahi   market price

Yellow fin tuna fillet marinated in our homemade teriyaki sauce, chargrilled and finished with a squeeze of fresh lemon.

20-piece sauteed shrimp meal     $20.95

Butterflied shrimp sauteed Hawaiian-style in oyster sauce with a hint of sesame seed oil.



ahi stir fry              Market price

Bite-sized yellow fin tuna, stir fried with an assortment of vegetables in your choice of sweet/hot garlic, black bean, or sesame seed oil/oyster sauce.  Also available sauteed in butter with fresh ginger and garlic.

roy's ono tofu veggie stir fry    $12.45

Fresh broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, snow peas, and onions sauteed with tofu in Roy's special sauce.

roy's ono veggies     $11.45

Fresh broccoli. cauliflower, carrots, snow peas, and onions sauteed in Roy's special sauce. A must for all vegetable lovers.

regular saimin     $8.45

Japanese style noodles in a great tasting broth garnished with Chinese char siu sweet pork and green onions. A local favorite anytime!

special saimin    

Served with hard boiled eggs, won bok cabbage, Chinese char siu, sweet pork, and green onions. 

Regular  $9.45    Blalah  $11.45

YAKISOBA NOODLES    $16.45    

A colossal mound of noodles and vegetables in your choice of sweet/hot, garlic, black bean, or sesame seed oil/oyster sauce. Perfect for two!

Add Phil's Ono chicken  $18.95
Add shrimp  $20.95
Add teriyaki beef  $21.95



Our sandwiches are served on buns with lettuce, tomato, onion, mayonnaise and a tossed green or macaroni salad.

phil's ono chicken sandwich     $7.45

teriyaki chicken sandwich    $8.45

teriyaki steak sandwich $10.95

Kalua pork sandwich  $9.45

Ask your server for the daily selection


macaroni salad     $2.50

RICE     $2.00

Tossed salad     $2.25

KIM Chee     $2.00

Portuguese sausage     $6.95


veggies    $5.95

There is a $0.25 fee per item on to go orders.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of food borne illness, especially if you have certain medical conditions.