Serving Aloha for 25 Years


Noho got his start in the restaurant business when his brother Roy asked for his help creating a Hawaiian restaurant in Corvallis, Oregon. The Hawaiian-Portuguese-Italian Marchesi brothers were born and raised in Hawaii and yearned for the food and flavors of their childhood.

They opened Local Boyz Hawaiian Cafe in 1991 with a menu based on recipes from family and friends back home. It was an instant hit with the Oregon State University community, and Roy and his family continue to operate Local Boyz in Corvallis today. 

Noho moved to Portland in 1992 and offered island fare in several temporary locations before opening his Clinton St. restaurant in October 1994. In the early days, he worked a second job to make ends meet, napping on rice bags after the restaurant closed before going to a 2 a.m. shift unloading freight trucks.

Today there are two Noho's Hawaiian Cafe restaurants in Portland, one in Medford, and a catering operation that provides a full range of services. 

As the business has grown, Noho's vision has remained the same: offer generous portions of great tasting food in a casual setting that embodies Hawaii's warm aloha spirit.